Time Tracking for Remote Employees

Time Tracking for Remote Employees: Hurdles and Solutions

Over the past decade, the way, a company functions, has undergone an enormous transformation. Thanks to the ongoing social and technological modification in the corporate sector, remote employment is no longer an unusual thing for companies anymore. With expanding businesses, many a firm has begun to hire employees working from remote locations. On-field or on-site employment, especially, has witnessed a remarkable rise over the last few years.

According to a survey published in the NYTimes, almost 43% of people accepted to have worked remotely at some point in their careers. Today, there are thousands of people across the U.S., who work remotely for 3-4 days a week, handling their jobs while being out of the office.

Issues with Remote Employment

Remote employment has proven to be highly beneficial. It saves time, money, and a lot of resources as well. However, managing remote employees is not an easy task at all. Specifically, keeping a track of their productive time is a huge issue at many organizations. In such situations, efficient employee time tracking software is very useful. By ensuring accurate attendance maintenance, it directly impacts the productivity of remote employees. They have everything they need on a cloud website or an app that can be tracked anytime, anywhere!

One of the major hurdles faced by managers while handing remote employees, such as employees on field duty and freelancers, is the management of their attendance and allotment and monitoring of projects they handle. Tracking their work hours on a daily basis becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Time tracking software helps regulate the whole process by allowing employees to register their entry and exit through their smartphones.

Simplifying Time Tracking, Leave Management, and Payroll

Among many employee time tracking software available in the U.S. market, PurelyTracking has a proven track record, thanks to its efficiency and many benefits that it offers. With its unique Geo-lock Time Clock feature, which records attendance through mobile and web applications, it eliminates the usage of paper time cards and time-sheets, saving a lot of money. It also accelerates the whole process, which saves hours of time for the company and ensures transparency with respect to time tracking and payroll.

The leave management and payroll processing for employees are also taken care of by PurelyTracking. It’s especially tricky for managers to handle leaves and payroll processes of remote employees, all by themselves. PurelyTracking’s Leave Management feature is best suited for this situation. Here, employees can check their leave balance and apply for leaves as and when needed without having to ask the HR executive every time. Managers are enabled to access the platform as well so that they can accept or reject leave applications according to the requirements. Due to this, the whole process gets transparent and payroll generation becomes simple and easy.

Apart from these, PurelyTracking also boasts of a number of remarkable features, such as workforce management, job costing, and HR outsourcing. It is the one-in-all solution for all issues related to remote employment. Leave your worries to it and just watch your business thrive!

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