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Impress your visitors in one go with a smart and secure visiting experience!

PurelyTracking offers "vLobby's Futuristic Visitor Management System" that provides your guests the perfect welcome. vLobby is a customizable web and mobile-based visitor management system that manages visitors at office. It's a sophisticated digitized service with self-check-in check-out, offering an seamless paperless experience. Now no more maintenance of visitor logbooks and no more unattended visitors at front desk.

Switch to vLobby for a smooth and organized visitor management!

01. Pre-Registration

Visitors receive an email with meeting details and a QR code to check-in with.

02. Seamless Arrival

Upon arrival, the visitor scans their QR code or sign in manually at the iPad Kiosk.

03. Host Notification

The host receives an instant notification via email or text after their visitor has checked-in.

Face Recognition

Visitors can add their facial recognitions details when their photo is captured for the first time, to make check-out and subsequent check-ins faster and more secure.

Prepare for Upcoming Visitors

Easily see upcoming visiotrs and identify busy periods. A central view of pre-registrations can help you and your visitor experience team prepare appropriately for every guest. For secure sites, having access to view approved visitors in the portal can streamline the process when they arrive.

  • Create a list of expected visitors
  • Send invite emails with helpful custom details
  • Let guests provide sign-in details before they arrive
  • Speed up sign-in when visitors arrive

Tab, scan, go

Send visitors a QR code for a fast, secure way to sign in. By scanning the QR code directly from their phone or printed invitation, all your guest's details are pre-populated for the fastest sign in experience with minimal effort required from your visitor.

Manage your office's incoming deliveries

  • Quickly scan your package

    Use the vLOBBY Deliveries app to scan each package in seconds.

  • Let vLOBBY do the legwork

    vLOBBY Deliveries will automatically detect the owner and let them know to pick up their package so you can spend time on the work that matters.

  • Make pick-up a breeze

    With helpful notifications and reminders, vLOBBY deliveries make it easy for your team to find and sign for their packages.

Enhance Security

The Front desk is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your team and property.

  • Printing badges to identify authorized visitors
  • Add visitor photos to each digital record
  • Notify security when unauthorized visitors attempt to sign in
  • Scan IDs and record when IDs are checked

Looking for a turnkey visitor management solution?


vLOBBY in a Box comes with a sleek, fully assembled kiosk (iPad Included) so all you have to do is take it out of the box and turn it on.


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