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Impress your visitors in one go with a smart and secure visiting experience!

PurelyTracking offers "vLobby—A Futuristic Visitor Management System" that provides your guests the perfect welcome. vLobby is a customizable web and mobile-based visitor management system that manages visitors at office. It's a sophisticated digitized service with self-check-in check-out, offering an seamless paperless experience. Now no more maintenance of visitor logbooks and no more unattended visitors at front desk.

Switch to vLobby for a smooth and organized visitor management!

Facial Recognition

Visitors can add their facial recognitions details when their photo is captured for the first time, to make check-out and subsequent check-ins faster and more secure

End-to-end Digital Experience

No more worn-out visitor logbooks. vLobby allows visitors to register and check-in check-out digitally.

Interactive Framework

vLobby interacts with visitors and connects them directly to the host, avoiding wastage of time looking around for them.

Enhanced Security

To maintain security at your office premise, vLobby stores phone numbers and a photo ID of every visitor.

No Unattended Guests

vLobby's lightening fast setup minimizes the time required to connect the guest to the host, saving everyone's time.

Real-time Updates

Get a quick overview and real-time updates of visitor movements at your office with vLobby.

Special Care for Frequent Guests

Using stored data, vLobby automatically identify a second-time visitor and extract information from past records, eliminating the need for a re-entry.

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