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Accurate & Easy to Use Time Tracking System

The Employee Time Clock System feature will give companies an efficient way to track employee’s time with most accurate method of check-in and check-out.

Key Service Offering

  • Easy to use PurelyTracking mobile App for employees to check-in and check-out in a single click.
  • Managers can geo-lock the work perimeter for best accuracy about employee time tracking.
  • Employees can view current and past weekly time clock data to check the number of hours worked for specific time period.

Employee Time Clock System Benefits

  • Unique Geolocation-Lock Feature
  • Real-Time Accurate Data
  • 24x7 Cloud Access

Unique Geolocation-Lock Feature

Unique Geolocation-Lock Feature

The Employee Time Clock comes with a unique add-on feature. Companies can set a Geolocation restriction which will let employees check-in and check-out only when they are within the radius of the work location.


  • Managers can set a geolocation-locked perimeter on the Purelytracking Mobile App allowing employees to check-in and check-out only inside the work radius.
  • Ideal for Employees working off-site at multiple locations.
  • Company can set, increase or decrease the perimeter on PurelyTracking’s App for accurate job costing tracking.

Real-Time Accurate Data

Real-Time Accurate Data

PurelyTracking's Employee Time Clock Software and Mobile App provides the most accurate time tracking in real-time through employee time clock app. It promotes Employee Self-service and provides more transparency.


  • Employees can view time clock and weekly timesheets in real-time.
  • Managers can track and analyze time spend by employee working on specific projects through weekly timesheets.
  • Geolocation-lock on mobile app ensure complete transparency and legitimacy of collected days.

24x7 Cloud Access

24x7 Cloud Access

The Employee Time Clock data entered by using the PurelyTracking Mobile App, is safely secured. Managers and Employees have the access to the data anytime, anywhere.


  • Employee Time Clock Mobile App is designed in a way that anyone from floor worker to business owner can use it.
  • Secured data storage on cloud for time clock and weekly/monthly employee timesheets.
  • Managers can view employee job hours for past and present week in few clicks.
  • Employees get an instant access to the number of job hours completed during their current or past.

Custom Solution for Industries


Custom solution to manage time clock and job costing for everyone from floor to on-site employees!


Manage Time Clock and Job Costing for multiple employees and healthcare centers with a single mobile app!


Easy to use and accurate Time Clock and Job Costing for employees working in Pharma industries using PurelyTracking mobile apps