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Time Tracking Software Creates Lucrative Prospects for US Manufacturing Industry

Over the last decade, the US manufacturing industry has witnessed a tremendous transformation in the way it functions. A number of new technologies have been introduced to increase productivity within stringent timelines and limited capital. Among the new technologies, Employee Time Tracking has created quite a stir in the market with a long list of advantages and profits that comes along.

As the head of a manufacturing firm, one of the key jobs that require your minute attention is keeping a track of the hours worked by your staff members. Previously, it was quite a complicated task since it involved paper timesheets, punch cards, or various other means for recording employees’ attendance. Occasionally, workers put incorrect information regarding their entry, exit, and working hours in the timesheet, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Often, these mistakes go unnoticed. Even if they caught eyes, they took a lot of time for the rectification. All these, eventually, impacted the productivity and payroll generation and created an unnecessary hassle. However, now with employee time tracking software, this process has become super smooth and easy to handle. From calculating the productive hours of your employees accurately to managing their day-to-day work schedule and generating payrolls, employee time tracking software delivers it all, that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Many Advantages of Time Tracking Software

With benefits, such as accurate attendance registration, streamlined job distribution, and precise payroll generation, employee time tracking software has proved to be perfect for manufacturers, who seek to decrease operational cost, regularize production processes, and gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Let us have a look at what changes could an employee time tracking software bring in to your business and how is it beneficial for you:

Improved Workflow

Employee time tracking software enables employers to determine the exact location of their workforce and record the time they spent productively. You can set a geolocation restriction, which lets employees check-in and check-out only when they are within the set radius of the work location. Managers can look-over the workflow even remotely and modify the project plan as and when needed.

Better Utilization of Capital

Manufacturers are on a constant lookout for ways to reduce their expenses. Whether it is decreasing additional costs or limiting budgetary requirements, they are trying each and every method to manage their operational cost. With employee time tracking software at play, managers can easily understand the workflow and rectify faultiness in costing and improve the profitability by a large margin.

Effective management of Payroll

Employee time tracking software can be easily integrated with payroll systems, streamlining the payroll generation process and making it simple and effortless for managers to operate and employees to receive a well-deserved remuneration against the hard work they put in. The accuracy and perfection of these time tracking apps also help in speeding up the payroll generation process by multitasking on myriad processes simultaneously.

PurelyTracking – A Free Workforce Management Solution – is the best employee time tracking software for the US manufacturing industry available in the market at present. It records accurate clock-in and clock-out time of employees working in real-time. You can easily generate weekly and monthly timesheets of employees through online web and mobile applications. With exact information on hours worked by employees, it is much easier for a manager to estimate the job costing for them. It also lets managers assign daily and weekly tasks, as well as manage, approve, reject employee leaves, digitally through the employee central feature, which is a unique feature you will not find in other time tracking apps present in the market.

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