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PurelyTracking is Web and Mobile solution focusing on efficiently managing the entire workforce of the company. It is the most effective Employee Time & Attendance software with unique features such as Geolocation-locked Time Clock and Employee Leave Management.

PurelyTracking is SaaS based product which aims to solve different pain-points of managers and employees. Businesses are using our Web, iPad and Mobile application to handle everything from Employee Time Clock to Payroll and Invoice Generation.

Service Offering

Time Clock

Easiest Check-in and Check-out feature in PurelyTracking iOS and Android Mobile App. Through our unique Geolocation-locked features, it accurately tracks employee’s breaks, shifts to create weekly timesheets. Dynamic design lets employees and managers track previous time clock data with ease.

Time & Attendance

Create weekly, bi-monthly and monthly employee timesheet through PurelyTracking’s Web and Mobile application. Promotes Employee Self-Service through Leave Management and Work Authorization features. Easy Invoice and Payroll Generation through QuickBooks and Paychex integration.

HR Outsourcing

PurelyTracking’s HR Outsourcing offers a 360 degree solution to handle everything from employee Timesheet management to Payroll Generation. Error-free data entry services double checked by dedicated account manager every month. 24x7 customer care support for discrepancies via email, live chat and phone call.


tracking time and attendance
Time Clock
  • Perfect for employees working in-and-out of office.
  • Geo-lock feature ensures accurate data for employee shift, breaks and daily time cards.
  • Check-in and Check-out with a single click via PurelyTracking Mobile App.
tracking of work
  • Our online Employee Time & Attendance system is the most trusted SaaS product for time tracking.
  • Employees and Managers can check current and past timesheets.
  • Segregated entries for different projects.
easy interface
Employee Self-Service
  • Employees have control over their time clock and timesheet submissions.
  • Our Leave Management feature lets employee apply for leaves through online portals.
  • In-built Task management and for streamlining daily work.
transparent management
Job Costing
  • Calculate job costing through Timesheet submissions with work authorization.
  • Project Managers can easily track job cost per resource by analyzing timesheets.
  • Improve employee productivity by solving pain-points.
transparent management
Mobile Solution
  • Our digital presence is spread across all platforms be it Web, iOS or Android.
  • Managers and employees can access their data, timesheet, leaves anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy-to-use interface with a simple yet dynamic design.
transparent management
Reports & Integration
  • Streamline workforce management by exporting reports and analyzing key employee data.
  • Standard QuickBooks and Paychex integration for Invoice and Payroll generation.
  • Improve employee productivity and work authorization.

PurelyTracking – Accurate Time Tracking Made Simple

Our Web and Mobile Time Clock and Timesheet solution makes tracking employee shifts, breaks and time approvals easier than ever!

Using a single app, employees can clock-in and clock-out in just few clicks on their mobile phone!

Best way to calculate job costing, employee productivity and employee self-service with in-built features such as Employee Leave Management and Payroll Integration.

Integration with all leading management software


  • Client Management

  • Project Management

  • Employee Management

  • Work Authorization

  • Time Management

  • Leave Management

  • Asset Management

  • Document Management

  • Third Party Integration