Why Your Startup Needs a Time Tracking Software?

Running a startup is quite a daunting task. Many a thing demands your constant attention and you are required to take care of a lot of processes at once with limited capital at your expense. Eventually, you are left with a little to no time to keep track of your employees’ working hours. But you need to know exactly how much time they take to finish a job, how many hours they spent being productive, and, of course, you wouldn’t want to waste any more time in tracking all these by yourself, that too, on a daily basis. When you are in a startup business, the one aspect that you need to keep under absolute check is the TIME.

PurelyTrackingTM – A Free Workforce Management Solution, understands your need to manage the time and productivity on a shoestring budget. It is specifically designed to assist you in monitoring your employees daily productive hours automatically while you are busy conceiving innovative ideas or chalking out new plans for your business. This employee time tracking software is especially helpful in optimizing the future allocation of the workforce in the organization.

What makes PurelyTracking Perfect for Your Startup?

There are a lot of employee time tracking software available in the market; what makes PurelyTracking best is its simple operation and accurate-to-the-point tracking. You get a web and mobile-based time tracking solution that manages the entire workforce of the organization with ease and extreme efficiency completely free. And if you can shell out a little bit, you get a customized software just as you need it to be for your business.

It is a SaaS-based product with a clear objective of solving various pain-points, managers and employees face in a startup. With Timesheet Management Software, it tracks working hours of employees and maintains daily, weekly, and monthly timesheet workflows. It also takes care of leaves and payroll generation, with its unique Leave Management System and Payroll Generation Mechanism. Geo-lock Time Clock is another unique feature of PurelyTracking. It lets employees clock-in and out of the job location using the app that is downloadable from Google Play and App Store on mobile, tablets, and iPad.

Let us have a look at the benefits of having PurelyTracking manage your employees:

Accurate Time Tracking

  • It tracks employees’ work hours with to-the-minute accuracy from any device and location.
  • It lets you know the entry and exit of employees in real-time.
  • It auto calculates the job hours and generates weekly and monthly timesheets generate payroll.

Employee Self-Services

  • It enables employees to utilize daily time clock and create weekly timesheets.
  • It allows them to apply for leaves using Employee Central.
  • It eliminates human-error, makes the whole process transparent, and improves employees’ productivity through technology

Workforce Management

  • It lets the managers manage the entire workforce of the unit digitally and allows them to assign and appoint daily and weekly tasks to employees..
  • It also authorizes them to manage, approve, or reject leaves applied by employees through Employee Central.

These are just a few among a whole lot of benefits PurelyTracking offers to startups. To know more, book a demo today!

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