Time Tracking for Remote Employees


Starting into a new business is extremely challenging. From setting it up to managing operations, the entire process is such a hardship. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, keeping track of time is an ongoing challenge. When you run a business, one of the most important metrics you need to track is productivity and attendance. If you can make sure that these two remain high, your profit levels will soar.

For an entrepreneur, the most valuable asset in any startup work environment is ‘time’. You’ll rarely have enough time to do what you need, and virtually never enough time to do what you want. We often assume that since time is free, we can spend as much time as required to complete a task. Hence, it is very important for an entrepreneur to know where the 40 hours a week of his employees is being spent on. Start-Up with remote workers wants a system that allows them to keep tabs on those employees to ensure they are working from where they should be.

PurelyTracking is one stop solution to your time management challenges that startups usually face on daily basis.

List of the essential time tracking features you require as a startup:

1. Time and Attendance Management

The Time Clock or Timesheet Management software assists you in the accurate maintenance of daily, weekly and monthly timesheets.

2. Employee Self-service App

Employee Self-service portal helps them manage their Time Clock and Time sheets. It features in-built task management for a smooth running of daily jobs and provides easy access to key information about projects through a desktop or a mobile app, anytime, anywhere.

3. Leave Management (Paid Time Off)

Leave management app customizes leave types, leave plan and holiday lists. It lets employees check their leave balances, leave status, accrual and leave history, using a desktop or a mobile app. PurelyTracking customize the leave workflow by routing employee leave applications for approval to managers and supervisors.

4. Geo Tracking Time Clock App

The PurelyTracking app lets your employees clock-in and clock-out with a single click and allows manager to track geo location. Whether working from the office or remotely, it ensures accurate data for employee shift, breaks, and daily time sheets.

5. Project Management

It makes easy to stay top on project performance and directions. It helps to manage client’s project efficiently with advance time tracking features that always helps to stay on budget and boosts overall organization’s productivity.

6. Task Management

Visualize your activity and task, coordinate team schedules and plan work in seconds. Compare schedules across your team to quickly locate the optimal space for collaboration.

While running a startup, the last thing that you would want to do is to spend on a costly time management software. We understand your concern that’s why we have created PurelyTracking which is intuitive and highly affordable time tracking software for startups and for small businesses. So stop worrying and start exploring the infinite limit your business can reach with PurelyTracking.

PurelyTracking cloud based software is best fit for small startup business needs. Try it free for 30 Days!


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