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PurelyTracking Announces Time Clock Mobile App for Businesses

Scotch Plains, New Jersey: In a move to empower businesses around the world, PurelyTracking has announced intuitive time clock mobile app! It is the most comprehensive time tracking software till date which focuses on accuracy and real-time data.

The company stressed that while developing the SaaS product, the technical team was focused on solving some of the most concerning aspects business owners often face for employee time tracking. PurelyTracking aims to solve some of the most commonly faced time tracking problems for industries like Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail, Field and IT Services.

PurelyTracking’s CEO Mr. Anish Desai highlighted the need for a comprehensive time clock solution y saying, “Our aim was to facilitate enterprises with a daily time tracking solution that was uncompromising despite being completely free. What we have done with the Time Clock App is unique because of the added-on features that it comes with!”

These features are impressive and stay true to PurelyTracking’s aim of solving the issues that accompany daily time tracking.

Geo-lock Perimeter

Companies can set a Geo-location restriction which will let employees check-in and check-out only when they are within the radius of their work location. Thus, the free time clock mobile app ideal for employees working remotely, on-site as well as in the office!

24×7 Cloud Access

The Employee Time Clock data is stored securely on the cloud serves and this is accessible to managers and users anytime, anywhere!

Payroll Integration

No more data entry mistakes with PurelyTracking’s automated easy to use ADP, QuickBooks and Paychex 3rd party Payroll integrations. Get accurate payroll information about any employee within seconds!

So, enterprise business owners looking to digitize their business process and time tracking should jump on this golden opportunity of trying the best  time tracking mobile app to empower the employees and improve productivity!



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