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4 Reasons Why Manufacturing Companies Need PurelyTracking’s Free Time Clock App

Mobility had a tremendous impact on some of the biggest industries in 2018. On-demand applications have changed small businesses, food & beverages and Business-to-Customer sector for the better. A considerable part of the Manufacturing industry still faces numerous operational hurdles which can be easily solved using mobility and technology solutions. With enterprise mobility taking over, it is about time that every Manufacturing business is empowered with digital solutions which propel the business to a new level.

From inter-business communication to employee time tracking, the scope of employee self-services and workforce management of a manufacturing business is unparalleled with the technology that is out there. With so many employees in any manufacturing business, it comes difficult to accurately tracking employee’s daily job hours. Crippled by excess paper work already, safely storing the daily time-cards of every employee on the floor and working off-site

Recognizing this grave need, PurelyTracking has provided the best solution for businesses looking to transform the way time-cards and time tracking is done! With a free time clock mobile app, it is the best technology which comes with impressive built-in features making it a top free time clock app for manufacturing companies.

Sustainable Paperless Business

As business move towards a sustainable approach, a big part of it has to do with going Paperless! Eliminating paper not only saves employee hours’ worth of time, it is also a decision that will benefit the environment in the long run. Being a smart business owner is all about such decisions that helps you in the long run!

Benefits of Paperless Manufacturing Industries

Geo-locked Perimeter

Keeping the needs of manufacturing employees and managers in mind, our Time Clock app comes with a useful Geo-lock features that enables the managers to set a perimeter for the dedicated work area. This unique feature sets PurelyTracking apart because it provides complete transparency to the employer about the actual time spent on working and on-break during their shift. The free time clock mobile app is also the best option to track time for remote and off-site employees.

Real-Time Accurate Data

The biggest USP of our free time clock software is the accuracy that it offers! This stands true for the users as well as the managers. Transparency is key when it comes to employee time tracking and with the geo-lock perimeter, PurelyTracking offers optimum accuracy for on-site and remote employees whilst empowering managers to check current and past job hours of any user within minutes!

Payroll & Invoice Integration

One of the biggest hurdles of any business is invoice and payroll generation. Because of the excess paper trail, managers waste time on finding and filing invoices and payroll every day. PurelyTracking’s 3rd party integrations are a perfect solution to these grave concerns! By automating payroll and invoice generation, the business owner can eliminate huge stacks of pay slips and invoices as well as the the hours spent by employees to find and file them!


Looking for a free time clock mobile app, what are you waiting for? Book a free demo today and empower your business!

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