How To Effectively Handle Remote Employees

How to Effectively Handle Remote Employees

Working for a company today has changed owing to the technological and social changes that have taken over corporate sector. Many companies still follow ‘office culture’ but as the business expands, the need to hire remote employees also increases.

According to a survey published in the NYTimes, almost 43% people accepted working remotely at some point in their careers. Today, there are thousands of people who work 3 to 4 days in a week remotely, handling their tasks and responsibility while working ‘out of office’

HR managers around the world have to be extra cautious when it comes to handling remote employees. Here’s a complete guide to effectively managing remote employees!

On-boarding Process

A welcoming on-boarding process can have a lasting effect on an employee, especially when he/she has been hired to exclusively work remotely! Human Resource executive should have a handy checklist which covers all the aspects of new handling new employee such as personal documents, important log-in credentials and acquaintance with HRM software that company may be using.

How does this help? – With remote employees, HR managers may get a face-to-face meeting only a few times before the employee starts working. With on-boarding done properly the employee will receive every key information needed for their work and important job responsibilities!

Employee Self Service

Employee self-service carries a lot of weight when it comes to handling remote employees. A good HR Management software has all the required features which can let the employee work on their own. Emergency contact information, project documents, key details about job responsibilities are some of the things that employees can do on their own without having the need to talk to HR rep for small details.

HR Management System

How does this help? – An efficient employee self-service software can have the biggest impact productivity of remote employees. They have everything they need on a cloud website or an app that can be tracked anytime, anywhere!

Simplifying Time & Attendance

One of the biggest hurdles while handing remote employees is their daily, weekly and monthly time & attendance and task management. Companies often hire experts who work out-of-office and on freelance basis. Tracking their work hours on a daily basis becomes increasingly difficult and time consuming. PurelyTracking’s free time & attendance software is thus perfect for solving this hurdle.

How does this help? – Eliminating paper time cards and time-sheets enables remote employees to submit them through mobile and web applications. This also saves hours of time for the company which fastens the process and ensures transparency with respect to time tracking and payroll!

Leave Management

Handling employees leaves can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to out of office employees. As with any field, technology has helped immensely, using a leave management software can make things easier for the HR manager. Finding a best suited system which is easy to use is something the manager will have to look into!

How does this help? – Employees can see how many leaves are remaining, they can apply for future leaves and find their past ones without having to ask the HR representative every time. Likewise, managers and senior management can accept or reject leave applications.


2 minutes take: Handling the daily and weekly and monthly tasks, payroll, timesheet and leaves of remote employees can become a tricky situation for HR Managers. Using HR management software can come handy in more than one ways!

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