Why are Purely Tracking – Digital Time Clock and Contactless Attendance System important in 2021?

Because of COVID-19 and the potential impact on businesses, companies are changing the way they manage employee time & attendance and how their track & monitor employees punch-in & out for work. Whether businesses continue to rely on remote workers or gradually bring their employees back into offices and workplaces, safe and contactless time and attendance systems can guarantee solid workforce management while preventing further spread of the coronavirus.

Problem with Traditional Time Clocks Management:

1. Physical punch can risk employee health.
2. Manual time entry is very time-consuming
3. There is a risk of human error
4. Employees can commit time theft
5. Complicated and confusing calculations for the HR Department
6. Incorrect Entry of Times
7. Complicated Payroll Process
8. Every time need to come to the office for physical checkin checkout
9. False Attendance
10. Ineffective and outdated system
11. High risk of system crashes, security issues, and loss of valuable information.

”Create a Healthy Workplace Environment with Purely Tracking – Touch-free, Contactless face recognition employee time clock.”

Benefits of Touchfree Application of Time Clock

1. Check-in and Check-out with a single click via Purely Tracking Mobile App.
2. Geofence the job location on the Time Clock app, allowing employees to check-in and check-out only at the premise which can use wfh, office, or field.
3. Track and analyze time spent by employees working on specific projects through weekly timesheets.
4. Simple Leave management system with configurable approvals of workflows.
5. Overtime rates by pay period
6. Manage resource allocation for multiple projects of the different or same clients.
7. Onsite, Remote and offsite clients’ project management.
8. Auto / Manual Calculation & Export Payroll data in CSV format for easier operations.
9. Cut down hours of manual time spent and access payroll information of any employee within seconds.
10. Employee Time Clock Mobile App is designed in a way that anyone from floor worker to business owner can use it.
11. Secured data storage on cloud
12. Purely Tracking Time clock is available on Mobile App (Android & ios) and Desktop App version.

”Accurate Time and Attendance that saves time and money.”

Pricing of Time & Attendance Software – Purely Tracking

Get a 30 Day Free Trial for Demo on demand and then it will cost 3 USD per user which will definitely save time and money as well as increase productivity.

Who can use the time clock solution?

Manufacturing Industry
All Startup
Health care
IT staffing
Field Services

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