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How PurelyTracking’s Free Time Clock App Is a Game Changer for Restaurant Industry

Restaurant industry is changing rapidly with the introduction of new-age dining-in and on-demand food ordering trends that are taking over! Almost 86 percent restaurant business owners are prioritizing digital technologies especially mobility to have a better control over operations and empower the employees.

To successfully run a food and beverage business takes a lot of effort and coordination. From the kitchen staff to the front office and deliver persons, the business managers have to handle a lot of staff that us often working in shifts. This is where a digital mobility solution such as PurelyTracking’s Free time clock software can transform a business! Want to know how? Keep reading.

Paperless Future: Gone are the days when physical paper slips were the best way to punch time-in and time-out in restaurants. From a small food truck around the corner to a fine dining restaurant, from servers to managers, everyone is shifting towards sustainable and environment-friendly options to run their business. By using our time tracking solution, the business can eliminate the tiresome filing and paper trail of daily time cards!

Accurate Time Tracking: PurelyTracking Mobile App assures optimum accuracy when it comes to check-in and check-out through the Employee Time Clock Software because of the unique Geo-lock feature. Restaurant owners can set a radius lock near the unit to ensure that employee’s job hours are correctly entered by the user. People working in the restaurant industry are often required to visit different sites, restaurant business managers can keep a track of such employees’ job hours by pre-defining the work perimeter!

Job Costing Made Simple: Accurate payroll generation and job costing is an important part of a well-run restaurant business. Human errors during calculating the hours by the HR manager or putting in accurate check-in and out timings often cost company huge time and money. PurelyTracking generates daily, weekly and monthly job hours automatically which makes job costing and payroll generation a matter of mere seconds!

24×7 Cloud Access: One of the biggest advantages of going Paperless and opting for a Software as a Service (SaaS) is the ease of accessibility. Managing the job hours of remote employees has become easier than ever with PurelyTracking’s Geo-lock feature on the Time Clock App! To top it off, all the data is stored securely on the cloud and can be checked by the managers or the employees from any device and anywhere!

Having helped some of the biggest restaurant chains to adopt and adapt to mobility for time tracking. Seeing the great results, we decided to offer sophisticated time clock mobile app specially developed keeping the needs and requirements of the food & beverages industry! Don’t hesitate, contact us today to book a free demo!

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