What happens when a visitor arrives?

  • Visitors sign in

    When a visitor arrives, they’ll enter their details and sign documents right on the iPad.

  • vLOBBY notifies their host

    Automatically alerts your employee when their guest arrives—saving you time and hassle.

  • The employee greets their visitor

    The employee knows who to greet and when, making awkward meetings a thing of the past.

What happens when a return visitor arrives?

01. Pre-Registration

Preregister your guests using vLobby App. Visitors will receive text and email with meeting details with QR code.

02. Seamless Arrival

On arrival, the visitor scans their QR Code or sign-in manually at the Kiosk.

03. Host Notification

Host receives an instant notifications about visitor's arrival via email or text messages once the visitor checked-in.

Tap, Scan, Go

vLOBBY App Sends QR Code to Visitors for a fast, secure way to sign in. Visitors scan QR code directly from their mobile device, all your guest's details are auto populated for the fastest sign in experience with zero to minimal effort required from your visitor.


Pre-register visitors

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QR Codes

Print custom badges


Staff sign in

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