Your front desk is the first line of defense against unwanted intruders. vLOBBY protects your people, property, and ideas, so you can welcome visitors with confidence.

Keep out unwanted visitors

You need to know if a visitor is a potential threat with certainty and as early as possible. Have a constant eye on who's coming through your office and stop unwanted visitors in their path.

Know if visitors appear on internal or third-party block lists, or if they have an invalid ID before they’re welcomed into your office.

At-a-glance identification

Visitor badges provide extra identity verification and visually prove that guests completed the sign-in process.

Visitor badges
Secure Wi-Fi

Securely share your Wi-Fi

Provision the right network details to guests, when and where they need them by connecting vLOBBY to your Wi-Fi network.

Protect your intellectual property and visitors’ safety

Collect visitors’ signatures on NDAs and waivers. When visitors sign legal documents on the iPad, they're stored digitally and easy to retrieve.

Protect your property