Time tracking for startups

Time Tracking & Collboration for Startup


The time tracking tool for startups

In the startup business, time is the one variable you have complete control over and using it well is a basic matter of survival. But you don’t want to waste valuable time and effort tracking where it all goes. PurelyTracking captures every activity – from managing daily tasks to project tracking.

PurelyTracking records all the time you spend in desktop and mobile apps every day, and can even capture time spent on daily activity and track GPS locations. You get a full picture of your working day, with a completely accurate and dependable record of business time data at your disposal.

Why Startups Trust PurelyTracking?

Easiest daily time tracking solution for startup employees to clock-in and out from desktop to mobile app using GPS tracking.

Start-ups are using timesheet solution to track daily, weekly, and monthly timesheet for corporate and remote employee.

It makes it easy to stay on top of project performance and direction. Resource allocation and management for client projects.

Visualize your activity and task, coordinate team schedules and plan work in seconds. Compare schedules across teams to quickly locate the optimal space for collaboration.

Enables employees to check their leave balance, accruals and used paid leaves swiftly through mobile and desktop app.


Accurate Time Tracking

Accurate Time Tracking

  • Know in real-time which employees are working and when they have clocked-in and clocked-out.
  • An employee can easily view their current and past hours via mobile or desktop application.
  • Employees can track break hours in real-time.
Employee Self-Services

Employee Self-Services

  • Enables employees to easily view personal details, leave balance and benefits.
  • Employees can view the company directory.
  • Employees can view the company calendar and view information for payday and who is not coming to work.
Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

  • Assign daily, weekly and monthly tasks to employees using mobile and desktop.
  • Track project milestones.
  • Track employee completed, pending and past due tasks.
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Make all efforts visible

Make all efforts visible

No Need to interrupt people or dig for information — see what everyone is working on from a glance. Quickly see how busy or available people are in order to optimize schedules, stay aligned and pull resources to where they are needed most.

Customer Quote

Greg D’Angelo

"As a startup company, I'm looking for next-level ways to lower administrative overhead, and reflect on my busy and varied days. PurelyTracking shows right strategy and approach."

Greg D’Angelo – JobPose.