Employee Onboarding

Ensure Hassle-Free Onboarding With Smart Experience


Introduce a Streamlined and Efficient Process to all Stakeholders

Give your new hires the warm welcome they deserve with a tailored onboarding experience. Showcase your organizational culture and increase your impact. Deliver a automated process for new hires, and pre-onboard them for a great first day!

PurelyTracking helps you build automated playbooks that orchestrate the transition from candidate to productive team member

Introduce a Streamlined and Efficient Process to all Stakeholders
Flexible Timesheets

An Incredible Welcome Experience from First Day

Introduce new hires to your company, culture, and team before their start date.

Give new hires access to update their personal profile and have them complete all required docs and tasks.

Ensure every team member is set up for success from day one.

Easy to Say Hi & Bye with Each Team Member

Empower local teams to ask the right questions during Onboarding, offboarding or other transitions.

Build unique employee record templates.

Show, hide or require fields based on individual circumstances.

Intelligent Approvals
Flexible Timesheets

Easy e-signatures & Effective Document Portability

Create and send docs to your new team members and track their e-signature.

Send individual documents or create document packets to mass-assign.

Store indefinitely on Purely Tracking and download anytime.

Supports single e-signature & document co-signing.

Empower Your IT & Ops Teams

Save your IT and Ops teams time by automating the set up of key systems.

Integrate with all leading identity management providers including G-Suite, Okta, Onelogin, Active Directory and more.

Intelligent Approvals