It's The Time for Automated Leave Management

PurelyTracking's Leave Management System helps to reduce cost of absenteeism and boosts employee productivity with proper checks in managing sick time, vacation time, late arrivals, and more with full visibility, all under one roof. This system offers hassle free solution that streamlines the entire leave management process. It eliminates manual work and reduces chances of errors while applying, approving & rejecting leave which enhances the payroll processing efficiencies. With our intelligent leave management system it's easy to record, track and monitor employee leave details in one go. All in all, it promotes to give clear vision to the employees and administration about their leaves and plan the tasks accordingly.


Custom Leave Policies

Setup custom leave policies

Create leave policies exclusively tailored to fit different teams in your company.

Monitor Employee Availability

Monitor employee availability

Track and foresee employee availability to plan your work weeks.

Export payroll

Export time off data for payroll input

You can export used leaves and leave balances to feed your payroll systems.

Time Off approval workflow for managers

When employees request for time off, an approval request will popup on the manager's time off dashboard. This way, the manager can quickly view the team's availability calendar and make a quick decision on whether the request should be granted or declined.

View and manage staff vacation requests on your smartphone. Allow employees to request time off from anywhere.

Time Off approval
Leave Management Dashboard

No more spreadsheets or filling cabinets!

Our core leave management module provides the foundation for all our PurelyTracking products by organizing your HR world with structure and discipline. Everything you need to know about your staff, all in one place!

No extra work for year-end leave processing.

Save yourself from all those extra burdens by automatically computing leave lapse, carry-forwards, and encashments for employees.

Leave Calendar – Easily see who's absent.

Every leave request that has been approved by management automatically appears in your schedule so you always know who's unavailable.

PurelyTracking offers an easy and smooth way to implement leave calendar based on single or multiple location.

Define various leave type & color code them. You can also create and publish holiday lists as per your company's policy.

Leave Calendar

Save Time and Money with PurelyTracking Automated Leave Management System