Face Recognition
Time Clock Kiosk and Mobile App

Intuitive and Smarter way to Eliminate Buddy Punching and Time Theft.


Say Good Bye to Buddy Punching and Employee Time Theft

PurelyTracking's Face recognition Attendance System/time clock enables employees to check-in check-out by using a live image from a webcam. Social Distancing and contactless check-in checkout are some of the top priority needs of every organization to keep their employees safe from viruses.

One doesn't need to worry about buddy punching, as PurelyTracking guarantees employees are punching for themselves and not someone else. Face recognition system supports all major platforms like Android, iOS, web & tablet which enables employees seamlessly to check-in and check-out.

Face Recognition Time Clock

Face Recognition Time Clock

PurelyTracking's Touchless Face recognition Time Clock offers a sophisticated, Safest, smarter & more honest way for employees to punch in and out in an intuitive manner. It's easy to use & provides accurate time tracking data for each & every employee. It helps companies to save hefty amounts with sophisticated face recognition features by eliminating time theft.

Easy Check-in and Check-out

Contactless Check-in and Check-out with Ease

Check in & check out becomes literally easy and fast with Face recognition time clock in a fraction of seconds. Employees can Clock-in Clock-out by capturing a photograph from their device which is as simple as taking a selfie from smartphone. So check-in check-out becomes hassle free with PurelyTracking face recognition feature which boosts organization’s productivity.

Eliminates Buddy Punching

Eliminates Buddy Punching

Touchfree Attendance System capable of Accurate Face recognition feature eliminates buddy punching for employees. When an employee checks-in into their accounts, their face is compared to that of the image which we have already stored in our records. If Face recognition fails to recognize the employee the application generates an apt error message & won't let them Check-in further.

Minimize Losses

Minimize Losses & Maximize Productivity

Employee time theft & buddy punching incur heavy losses to businesses which in turn hampers organization's productivity. So PurelyTracking's Face recognition time clock App helps to overcome these issues and help businesses to save thousands of dollars every year or even more than that.

Saves Time and Frustration

Saves Time and Frustration

PurelyTracking's Face recognition timeclock helps to save time and frustration. Say good bye to traditional old fashioned punch cards which employees tend to forget at home or sometimes risk to lose the same which at times is frustrating. With face recognition feature employees can seamlessly check in and out with their face, no more punch cards required.

Enhances Accuracy

Enhances Accuracy and Trustworthiness

Face recognition time clock also helps to increase accuracy & trustworthiness. It avoids argument about the presence and absence of employee since there is picture as proof. It also eliminates guess work and human errors by providing accurate information about employees regarding hours worked, overtime & absence.

PurelyTracking's Face Recognition Time Clock Software

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