HR & Timesheet Outsourcing


PurelyTracking HR Outsourcing Overview

From Employee Timesheet to Payroll, PurelyTracking Manages Everything for You!

PurelyTracking's HR Outsourcing Solution makes new employee's onboarding easy by offering data entry services for managing employee timesheet, invoices, and payrolls. Reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks with our HR solution’s built-in workflows for new hiring, rehiring, promotions, termination, transfers, and more...

HRO Service Offerings

Employee Onboarding:

Provide one-to-one personalization to employees and improve their onboarding experience! Our team will oversee and manage the completion and submission of all onboarding documents on time and in prescribed format, including I-9, W-2 form, background verification, and drug screening process.

Step by Step guide from employee to manager for welcoming new employee.

Our HR Specialist will help in data entry services for employee timesheet, customer invoice generation, and managing vendor bills.

Customer Support:

Email and Chat support for any discrepancies and issues regarding employee timesheet, payrolls, and leave management.

Benefits of PurelyTracking HR Outsourcing

  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Timesheet Management
  • Invoice and Payroll Generation
  • Customer Office Support

New Employee Onboarding

New Employee Onboarding

Make new employee onboarding simple for HR managers with our complete guide to welcoming a new employee.


  • On Boarding Handbook - Provide a new employee Onboarding handbook which includes a step-by-step guide to welcoming new employee.
  • Screening - A comprehensive background & drug screening of the new employee.
  • Documentation - Email important documents such as I-9 Verification, W4 Form, and Security Policy to the new employee.
  • Work Authorization - Hand over work authorization documents and PurelyTracking login credentials.

Employee Timesheet Management

Employee Timesheet Management

Employee Timesheet management offers systemized and error free data-entry services for employee timesheet management through PurelyTracking’s portal.


  • Data Entry Solution - Complete data-entry solution for weekly, bi-monthly and monthly employee timesheet generation.
  • Timesheet - Ability to accept/reject and send reminders to defaulters and missing timesheet.
  • Notifications - Send weekly email alerts and notification to defaulters for missing timesheet submissions.
  • Dedicated Account Manager - Our account manager will review and cross check timesheets for errors or double entry

Invoice and Payroll Generation

Invoice and Payroll Generation

PurelyTracking’s HRO service will manage Invoice and Payroll of employees - right from data-entry to ADP and QuickBooks integration.


  • Invoice - Generate Invoice File for QuickBooks based on timesheet duration (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly)
  • Payroll - Generate Payroll Spreadsheet and import in ADP Payroll System.
  • Payroll Calendar - Create a Payroll Calendar based on customer requirement with added feature of verification when payroll is processed.

Customer Office Support

Customer Office Support

Phone, Email and chat support for any discrepancies and issues regarding timesheet, payroll or invoices.


  • Data Entry and Verifying onboarding employee documents along with Timesheet in Purely Tracking.
  • Follow-up missing timesheet with employees.
  • Process Payroll with third party ADP, QuickBooks, and Paychex Integration.
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Customer Support – Escalation Issues.
  • Reports for timesheet exceptions, missing timesheet, Invoice and Payroll.

Custom Solution for Industries


Custom solution to manage time clock and job costing for everyone from floor to on-site employees!


Manage Time Clock and Job Costing for multiple employees and healthcare centers with a single mobile app!


Easy to use and accurate Time Clock and Job Costing for employees working in Pharma industries using PurelyTracking mobile apps