Workforce Management Solution for Manufacturing Industry

PurelyTracking offers custom solutions for manufacturing companies from employee timesheet to payroll generation.

Why Manufacturers Trust PurelyTracking

Simple and easy way for employees to clock-in and out through PurelyTracking Time Clock mobile app.

Enables employees to generate weekly, monthly timesheets digitally using web and mobile portals within minutes.

Instant job costing reports through automated job hours using employee time clock and timesheet management features.

Employees can apply and check for remaining leaves. Managers can approve and reject employee leaves.

Assign projects and check the number of job hours spent by employees on specific task through PurelyTracking’s workforce management system.

QuickBooks, Paychex integration for generating accurate employee payroll eliminating human errors and wrong job costing.


Custom Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Accurate Time Tracking

  • PurelyTracking is a perfect solution for accurate time tracking of employees in the manufacturing unit.
  • Know in real-time which employees are working and when they have clocked-in.
  • Employees can easily generate weekly, monthly timesheets through online web and mobile application.

Payroll & Job Costing

  • Cut down on unnecessary paperwork required for payroll and invoice generation
  • One-click Payroll generation through weekly and monthly online timesheets.
  • Knowing exactly how many hours an employee has worked makes employee job costing easier for HR managers.

Workforce Management

  • Managers in the manufacturing company can digitally manage the entire workforce of the unit.
  • Assign and appoint daily, weekly tasks to employees using PurelyTracking web and mobile app.
  • Ability to manage, approve, reject employee leaves through the employee central feature.

Benefits of PurelyTracking Software to Manufacturers

  • Boost Productivity
  • Save Millions
  • 24x7 Access

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

PurelyTracking will boost your employee productivity by 200% through features such as employee timesheet for manufacturing.

Floor managers get all the required information about employees, their tasks and leaves within seconds through Web and Mobile Application.

Supervisors can accept and reject employee timesheet and leave applications directly from the PurelyTracking portals.

Save Millions

Save Millions

Eliminate excess use of paper from your manufacturing business altogether resulting in digital transformation.

Curb the millions of dollars spent on rework, loss of important documents, manual mistakes in payroll by using PurelyTracking workforce management tools for manufacturing.

Encourages employees and managers to work better, faster and smarter!

24x7 Access

24x7 Access

Never ever misplace an important document due to PurelyTracking’s secured cloud storage.

From the business owner to the floor employees, everyone gets access to their timesheet, payroll and other data anytime, anywhere on desktop and mobile.

Upload key information such as project details, invoices, contracts and systematically store them on the cloud.